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Found this year for Software Development, Maintenance, Services, Testing, Process driving & CRM solutions; across all major domains that includes banking & finance, Tele Communications, Health Care, Travels, Energy & Chemicals. We are equipped with world class technical experts, latest red carpet ideology, effective strategy, intellectual properties with single objective of making our customer dreams into action.

StraQuappians are technical professionals with extensive expertise in Information technology, System Development & Maintenances, Project handlings, Networking Solutions & Client/Server Applications. StraQuapp Inc., name explains the meaning that we provide STRATEGICALLY QUALIFIED APPLICATIONS! That's "THE STRAQUAPP TECHNOLOGIES.

Our Ingenious Dynamic Solutions


StraQuapp design with unique Principles, Patterns & Practices based on requirements we receive & technology we choose. Purely focus on removing or minimising rigidity, fragility & immobility at every level of application design & also providing regular inspection to sustain the consistent of stability & flexibility

Apps – Android / IOS

We design & build your ideas that runs on all your customer's handheld devices. Dealing with Effective Module Analysis EMA that outcomes in well-defined aspect of development & test within the development environment using emulators. We develop all Native, Web & Hybrid Apps that extends the heights of development for all consumers turning mobile. So your business runs 24/7 365 days.


StraQuapp is now ready with V1.0 of RESPLA ERP product that answers business process management in detailed manner with Isolated & Inter dependent modules for all specific areas of ERP. RESPLA manage the business and automate many back office modules related to services and human resource. Our product comes with comprehensive database management system, data analysis and reporting tools.

Web Solutions

We provide the unique state of art & use required technology to produce Static, Dynamic, Responsive, User interface design. Also deals on SEO, Online Marketing, Mobility as a enriched layer of development based on customer requirements. Our methodology is designed for maximum advantage of the internet technologies. We use the step wise approach from Client Requirement Phase to Post production phase that includes Testing phase in all levels.

QA Validations

StraQuapp SOFDOC (Software Doctor) wing : The unit of testing & delivery is an internal department & investment by the company Straquapp Technologies for enrich all products & services to proceed for BUG FREE delivery. SOFDOC also act as third party testing division & documentations. We provide SOFDOC certifications for projects before handover for go live. We are very strict in certifications by defined checklist for various of types of testing.


We deal on Integration phase combining individually tested software components into an integrated whole. We understand the logics & uniqueness of different systems by different development firms & giving the solutions by strategical analysis of both the system & perform the feasibility study to proceed for integrations. We perform the bi directional ways of test on each integration to make the behave as expected as single application layer.


Meeting the customer requirements at every stage of development is core aspect of process.

ZERO defect means actually not straight to the meaning of NO DEFECTS, Every single application runs on defects. ZERO DEFECT we mean here is non occurrences of same defects that raised & closed in earlier iterations. We do the impact analysis of every functions on regressions.

The Quality we expect in our delivery:

1. 1 defective part per 100 parts
2. 1 defect per million line of codes

StraQuapp believes the best understanding of the requirements, Sound knowledge of chosen technology & Ingenious process are keys for DEFECT FREE SOFTWARES


All your dreams are our commitments, An Ingenious logic of SDLC now at StraQuapp !


StraQuapp always believe in step wise visualization & execution based on milestones set at Inception, We are 5 days ahead of timelines.

Our Other Business Solutions

Strategy Approach

Birth of every software need to undergo the predefined & structured way of formation that need to address the following queries:

Search Engine Optimization

In this web world, all companies show interest to achieve the top position in the major search engines for reaching the customer first.

Resources On Call

StraQuapp expertise in providing specialized staffing a wide range of Skilled Resources "On-Call" for both Onsite & Offshore

Technical Audits

StraQuapp technical & process experts perform analysis & evaluate the area of improvement in system, process strategy & product implementations

Disaster Recovery

StraQuapp involve in DR procedures for recovery & make continious regular sequence of technology, process & system that following natural & disaster induced

Go Live Support

We are here for our customer to feel confident & happy everyday of business routine. Once the product went LIVE, Straquapp monitors live environments & dynamic

About Us

StraQuapp Technologies is global software development company having high competence in offering best services & believes technology is not only by engineering,

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