Consumers ERP


StraQuapp RESPLA ERP is a business process administration software suite of integrated apps that an organization can use to gather, store, manage and analyse information from many business activities.

Enterprise resource planning software allows wide and aggregate understanding of overall business activities. This sort of software combines the bundle as all areas of the business process into one unified, single point of access. The essential function of these RESPLA system solutions is to empower a clear outline of business operations, and to enhance company-wide work flows.

RESPLA software solutions include information from different divisions including HRM, Attendance, Payroll, Inventory, CRM, and marketing. With Enterprise resource planning software, every division keeps on operating independently with the ability to manage every department from one central area this is the key benefits of ERP.

RESPLA ERP system can help to build the reliability and in addition to that easy utility and circulation of basic organizational information. This ERP system will give comprehensive report that can help us to decide & identify issues and making improvements. Enterprise Resource Planning software system may include one single package and additional features that can be coordinated under as one roof application

RESPLA ERP software system have developed to help all level sized business administrators execute.

Key Modules as follows

  1. Masters Module.
  2. HRM Module.
  3. Attendance Module.
  4. Payroll Module.
  5. Inventory Module.
  6. Marketing Module.
  7. Management Module.
  8. CRM Module.
  9. Conveyance Module.
  10. Debug Module.
  11. Training Module.
  12. Document Module.
  13. User Module.
  14. Email integration.

The better way to run your business

  • A new-age ERP comprehensive framework software for range of businesses.
  • Powerful, Dynamic, Easy to use system,
  • Connects all functions of your business and all locations, into one seamlessly. Integrated system.
  • Extremely sophisticated features & flexible for parametrization
  • Implementation & rollout in days for most of available modules.
  • Affordable Cost.
  • Easily consolidate data of all branches, stores, factories and warehouses over the internet.
  • Get Centralized-wide reports of all functions.
  • Maintain one inventory, customer, supplier and price lists across branches.
  • Configure and manage the software globally.
  • Find out cash balances and stock of each product of each branch, instantly.
  • Book order in one branch and deliver from another, without communication.
  • View customer balances across branches.
  • Manage the company on a single click.


  • Removes all multiple data entries and manual work in staff information’s, attendance, salary, stock keeping, purchase etc.
  • Reduces Manpower, saves Money, improves efficiency and hence Production/Sales.
  • All information is available immediately. No need to go through records and waste time.
  • Easy to Use and Very Flexible and Expands with Company Growth.
  • Integrates operations of all departments, removes redundancies, and improves efficiency.
  • Big saving on time, enabling productive use of manpower.
  • No High-end Computers are required.
  • Software Installation Required only on ONE PC.
  • Any number of users can use the ERP system from their PCs using Browser, without any User fees!
  • No Specialized Manpower Required.
  • Each user can see only his part of work (For Example, Stores Officer cannot see Payrolls.)
  • Management can Monitor all Departments and See Pending Work under each Department.
  • Alerts on Dashboard (For Example Upcoming Birth day, Anniversary, Stock Transfer etc.).
  • All functions are automated. No need to spend time making POs, gathering information etc. Just open screen, approve and print, with data preloaded.
  • User Customizable Reports and Excel Interface