Disaster Recovery

StraQuapp involve in DR procedures for recovery & make continious regular sequence of technology, process & system that following natural & disaster induced by humans. We apply the defiend methodology for business continuity. We analysis & execute the control measures that comprises Preventive measures. Detective & Corrective Measures. Our DR plan covers the recovery on hardware , networking & software issues. The key point of recovery plan

  1. Impact & possibility of failure
  2. No of same recurring incidents per month, per quater, per half yearly, per year.
  3. Annualized the loss expectancy
  4. Mitigation Cost

StraQuapp DR report covers the Back Up Metrics, Monitoring Analysis & Redudancy values . We adapt the 5 step methodology for handling the DR.

S1 : Recovery Definition
S2 : Impact Analysis
S3 : DR Strategy Development
S4 : DR Plan
S5 : Testing & Support.