Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

In this web world, all companies show interest to achieve the top position in the major search engines for reaching the customer first. StraQuapp provides an exclusive platform by SEO specialists to trigger effective improvement and optimization of their web sites. This lead to significant increases in their business operations. StraQuapp perform constant web position tracking and analysis, Key Phrases, Getting Indexed.

StraQuapp 7 Step Methodology cycle for SEO:

  1. Content Analysis Phase
  2. Keyword Strategy Approach
  3. Site Map & Structuring
  4. Meta Tag process
  5. Link bridges
  6. Directory Submission
  7. Competitor Analysis

Advantages of SEO:

  1. Winning the search competition
  2. Achieving the frequency of visiting site by the same customer.
  3. Resulted as better & user friendly website
  4. Gathering new customer & enhance Growth.
  5. ROI – Return on Investment
  6. Cost Effective Marketing.