Strategy Approach

Birth of every software need to undergo the predefined & structured way of formation that need to address the following queries:

Are we in right track?
How fast we can process?
Is right technology chosen for solving the given requirements?

People, Process and Product are interlinked complex systems that we care exclusively to attain the best expected results. These all done by an effective IT governance. We do strategy planning, Project management & tracking the performance, performance appraisals & employee surveys.

In SDLC, StraQuapp taken the development to the next level of enriching the focus on each stages.

The StraQuapp SDLC pattern:

A: Requirement Phase

1. Requirement Gathering
2. Requirement Analysis
3. Requirement Change Request Analysis
4. Requirement Freeze

B: System Phase

1. Analysis
2. Selection of technology
3. Advantages & Disadvantages analysis reporting
4. Design

C: Coding Phase

1. Coding Ideology Document
2. Coding
3. Review Analysis
4. Unit Testing

D: Testing Phase

1. Analysis of requirements
2. Test Strategy & Plans
3. Test Artifacts
4. Test Execution
5. Metrics & Reports

E: Implementation Phase

1. Error Examination
2. Checklist analysis
3. Implementation
4. Post Implementation Analysis
5. Support